Lemon & Honey Co. presents

blind date sessions.

Over online dating? Is it almost impossible to meet anyone anymore? I totally get it!

Well what if I said I could potentially set you up with your forever person? Okay yes seems kinda crazy right? That's okay because this is crazy.

How about you let me do the work for you... Yep, that's right. Blind date style. All you need to do is fill out this questionnaire.

I will chat with you some more and literally find you a match.


No, I am not licensed in any sort of match making. But I know what works, and what doesn't. I know a thing or two about love.


What have you got to lose? Exactly, absolutely nothing. You could meet the love of your life right in front of my camera.


This is the process:



I. send in your application.

You will need to fill out a questionnaire about yourself, wants, and desires. You will include your IG handle so I know it's really you. The application helps me see what your wants and desires are in a relationship as well as helps me get to know who you are as a person.

Applications have a non refundable fee of $10, there will be no cost for the session itself. You must pay the fee in order to receive an application.

II. i carefully choose who to match.

I will take my time looking into each application and find who is the best match. If you're not chosen, that's okay because I will keep your application for the next one and you never know who might sign up then. I will reach out to both applicants personally to let you know you're chosen and I have FOUND YOUR MATCH. You are NOT allowed to reveal that you have been chosen. This is too be as private as possible til the session to ensure it is a true BLIND DATE.

III. schedule the session.

There is no cost for the session itself, just the application fee but tips are always appreciated if you like your match! The type of session will be fun and revealed once you are chosen. Not every blind date session will be the same either. We will schedule the session based on both applicants schedule. You will arrive and I will blindfold you and direct you to the spot. Then let the fun begin!


the rules

  1. You must be SINGLE
  2. Over 21 years of age or older
  3. This is LGBQT+ friendly so let me know if this applies and what gender you prefer so it helps the matching process.
  4. You can not share your were picked until after the session
  5. Must be local to Martin, Palm Beach, and St Lucie County.
  6. You must commit 100% to the date and time of the session, you cannot be a no show. If it is even a slight possibility you will not show up, don't fill out the application.
  7. You must agree to showing affection, intimate posing, and kissing the stranger on the blind date.
  8. You cannot be camera shy.
  9. You must agree to the images, behind the scenes videos, and story being shared on social media
  10. You agree to paying the nonrefundable $10 application fee. You understand no refunds, exchanges, or credits will be offered for any reason. If you are not chosen for the session you will NOT receive a refund. The application will remain on file for all of 2024 blind date sessions.

Fill out the form below and i will contact you to send your application over

Are you ready?

Fill out this form so I know who to contact and that you're interested.

I will send you a link to pay your application fee and the link for the application.

Once I have your application, I will keep in contact to let you know if I have found your match.